Burnout Prevention

75-85% of Ministry leaders say they are burned out

80% say they may not be in ministry in 10 years

80% of leaders say ministry has a negative affect on them and their families.

 Are you ready to take a first step and keep yourself from being the next statistic? Then join us at an upcoming Restoring Leaders Retreat. 

Experience 4 Days to Unplug.  Find your day one feeling again. 

Relearn how to reset and refocus the dream inside your heart. 

Become the leader you dreamed about when you first started.

You can learn more about upcoming retreats and how to register by clicking the button below!

What Happens At A Restoring Leaders Retreat?

What can you expect during a 4 Day retreat?

We want you to use this time to maximize your personal restoration process. For each person that will look a bit different but we are trusting God that the plan he has given us will apply to those who participate. We plan to have times to allow for sharing of stories, listening and learning. We plan to laugh a lot. Yes, we will have FUN! 

We will set aside solitude time where you can do whatever you choose on your own. Sleep, pray, meditate, hike. There will be multiple options for you to choose from.

There will also be times of instruction and 1:1 guidance where we can connect with you on a deeper level and where you can experience safe and confidential times to share.

When you click the Retreat Info SignUp button and fill out the form we will send you information about the specific location and dates.

So go ahead and hit that button and let’s start your restoration journey!

*This means your basic costs are to get yourself to the retreat location and also cover some minimal expenses for things like coffee, a lunch out, or an optional outing if you choose to participate.

If you or your church would be interested in supporting Restoring Leaders please use this link to our donation page.


Restoring Leaders Retreat Flow

Wondering what a typical retreat would be like?

*There will be time for learning restoration principles that will help you overcome hurts as well as burnout and how to prevent in the future.

*There will be time to connect with others. You are not alone and you will find people who have been walking the same path or have walked it already.

*There will be time to rest. Jesus took NAPS! If you want to sleep, go for a walk, sit in solitude, soak in a tub or pool, there will be time for that!

*Time for fun and laughter.  In some seasons, laughter is rare. We want to change that. 

*Time to be heard. You can have 1:1 time with someone who’s walked this path before and be heard, known and affirmed. You’ll also have someone to talk to beyond the retreat. 

Our goal is not to make this feel like a conference. (if you want to go to a conference we can tell you about a few!) This is to be a place to unplug and begin to release, recover, and be restored.  We want you to find your true calling and passion like on day one.