Find your joy in

leading again.

  Spiritual burnout is real, exhausting, and painful. Living with this burnout isn’t viable.

You don’t need to navigate this valley alone.

I’ve been where you are.

Wounded, discouraged and totally burned out on ministry.
I was ready to quit my calling.

But God had different plans.

He led me to a “valley season,” where I walked closely with Him and with a counselor. As a result, I learned so much about myself, my calling and my deep why for ministry. I gained a clearer picture of how I was supposed to live as a minister, husband and father.

Now, I have a strategy where I can lead and when it gets hard, I don’t fall into a dark place. I persevere in a way that is healthy and in line with my calling. It is now my life’s calling to help other leaders find this kind of restoration.

That is why Restoring Leaders is here for you – to journey with you and to guide you along a path that God is leading you so you can get back in and stay in ministry.

I would be honored to serve you and help you heal and find restoration.


Tom Bump

Founder of Restoring Leaders

How it works


Firstly, we identify the causes of your burnout & hurt with a personal assessment and prepare to focus on the journey ahead – a journey that will lead to hope and healing.

Map a Path

Secondly, we create a plan for your journey that will help you understand your challenges. Once we get to the root causes, then we can then establish healthy replacements.


Thirdly, we build your godly sustainable pace with proper values, boundaries, and accountability so that you can live restored and lead renewed.

If you’re ready to begin this amazing journey,
schedule a time for your free clarity call today.

From hurt to healing

Here are some recent success stories from wounded leaders that participated in 1:1 mentoring & Restoration Retreats.

“Your stories and experiences are much like my own… things too tough to imagine if you haven’t walked that path for yourself. And because hurts have come through ministry, there’s an understanding that we shouldn’t—we can’t—talk about them for fear of causing division in the church. It’s isolating. It’s invalidating. And it nearly made me pack it all up for good.

But you shared with honesty and integrity. You showed that restoration is possible and worth the journey. I don’t look forward to the work that still lay ahead of me. But I’m hopeful for the future.

And I’m beginning to dream again.
Thoughts are disentangling as the fog begins to lift. Glimmers of a new season tease with each lengthening day.
Thanks for taking the time to reach back and help others out of the muck.”

– Recent Restoring Leaders Student

“There was some personal church hurt that was really derailing my walk with Jesus and stealing my joy. Finding freedom from this hurt and allowing God to begin to heal my heart and lead me toward forgiveness was my hope and prayer for the week.

Tom helped me walk through this heart changing process by meeting with me personally and allowing me to share my story, by leading our group in thought provoking discussions and prayer and teaching each of us how to find much needed solitude time with God.

I am so thankful for the time and space to help me reset, connect with my calling to ministry and seek God’s plan for my future. The Restored Leader’s journey was a divine appointment that changed my life!

– Restoration Retreat Participant

Cover of Valleys over Mountain Book by Tom Bump

A Perspective-Changing Read

Are you in a hard season? Do you find yourself struggling with feelings of overwhelm? I have written this book to help anyone who is finding themselves in a “valley season.”  This book is a guide to help you navigate those seasons to help you become who you were designed to be.

No matter where you are on your journey in ministry, Valley’s are inevitable. When you find yourself there, Tom’s book is your guide not just out of it, but how to grow and flourish within it, so your next mountain top experience will be all the richer for the time you spent in the valley. I can’t recommend this highly enough no matter where you are on your hike through life. It’s a book that will help bring healing and hope to those who find themselves in a challenging season of ministry. Tom’s heart for hurting pastors comes through on every page. He has been where you are, and is eager to graciously walk with you to higher ground

–Pastor Karl Bastian


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