Everyone Needs A Leadership Guide

Burnout Prevention and Recovery is a process not a pill.

In Barna’s State of Pastors report, Kinnaman concluded, “Christian ministers are as likely to be ignored and insulted as they are to be admired and revered. It’s not a job for the thin-skinned or the weak of heart.  

It’s a job for the resilient.”⁠

Restoring Leaders offers 1:1 mentoring to help leaders stay resilient and restored. 

Our plan is to give leaders a safe and secure place to be known, heard, and encouraged. 

This is led by a guide who’s been in the battle. They have the scars to prove it. They know thats ahead and how to navigate it. They are resilient and ready to help you.

We all at some point need someone to walk with us. If you are ready click the button below and take the first step.

What Does A Mentoring Journey Look Like?

We have a 3 step frame work that depending on your needs assessment we will guide you through. Essentially there are three main focus points we work on and through.

*Refocus– We look at the reason why you are struggling with hurt or burnout.

*Renew– We look at steps and habits that will allow renewal to take place in your heart and mind

*Restore– We build a healthy pace and a healthy mindset, that you can maintain to keep you living renewed and leading restored. 

If you are unsure about what next steps to take, use this form and we’ll contact you.

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